We all aspire to have naturally beautiful hair but it doesn't come easy for most and, at times, can be a point of frustration.  Why do some people have amazing hair that looks naturally beautiful while some struggle to get the best out of what they have?

We founded Jaci in early 2020 with a passionate belief that beautiful hair should always be within reach and attainable for every type.  All of which culminated in the idea that there’s an important role in the market to deliver high functioning, laboratory formulated, and salon quality formulas at attainable prices for every hair type.

We also strongly held the belief that beauty from within needs to radiate out with vibrant packaging along with the confidence knowing it’s been thoughtfully made with a focus on clean, natural, and botanical ingredients.   With this inspiration, a fresh approach to hair care was born in Southern California.

We take great pride in our partnership with a leading, state of the art factory that has a committed mission to minimize our carbon footprint through solar power and innovative cutting edge technology to reduce climate changing emissions.

Throughout the journey, we love what Jaci has become and hope you do as well.