Why Use Toning Hair Products?

Whether your hair is chemically colored or natural blonde, toning can be a very effective tool in maintaining the shade you want. Even naturally blonde hair requires some extra attention to maintain the perfect shade. Blonde hair is exceptionally porous and vulnerable to harsh environmental elements such as UV rays, minerals in tap water, and chlorine.

Dying or bleaching hair can involve several steps of chemical processing to strip, lift or add pigment. It is usually best to leave hair color to the professionals but in between salon visits, there are a variety of DIY options to help maintain that “just stepped out of the salon” glow.

     Healthy looking color needs to be nurtured and hair toner can be an important step. Toners are a professional hair stylists’ secret ingredient to control brassiness, adding shine and keeping hair color looking healthy. Toner used by professionals usually comes in a gel or gloss like application, but these days it is also commonly added to high end shampoos and conditioners. These specially formulated tinted products (usually utilizing purple or blue pigment) can help adjust the tone of the hair by minimizing brassiness. Purple tinted products are perfect for blondes, since violet reduces yellow tones and therefore neutralizes warm brassy tones.  Blue tones work well for brunettes as it helps to eliminates orange and gold tones. Toners can actually adjust the warm or cool tones to maintain the hue you love while increasing shine and luster. Also known to improve the feel of the hair, toners add softness and reduce the appearance of split ends by helping seal frayed or broken follicles.

The beauty of having the tinted toner products in your own shower means you can control how often you use them to achieve and maintain the shade you want. It is advantageous to rotate the toning products with your normal shampoo and conditioner as well as use as a leave in conditioner to achieve an even ashier appearance.