Want Shinier Hair? Here’s What You Need To Do

Everyone wants shiny hair. However, not everyone knows how to achieve it. Shiny hair is not exclusive to runway models and celebs. You can have vibrant, shiny hair, too, with Jaci’s toning shampoo and the best toning conditioner and a few changes in your routine.

Why You Have Dull Hair

Hair becomes dull due to damage it sustains from heat styling, harsh products, and the environment. Constant exposure to these damaging practices and environments damages the cuticles so they appear broken. This makes hair appear rough, dry, and of course, dull.

You’ve guessed it—the best way to make your hair shiny is to restore its health.

Ways To Achieve Shiny Hair

Stay Away From Heat

Heat is quite ironic. People use heat styling tools to add shine to their hair, yet it is one of the main causes of dull hair. Heat strips the hair of its natural moisture, making it dull and brittle. This is why you need to stay away from these tools, or at least minimize your use, in order to achieve shiny hair.

Avoid The Sun

UV rays are harsh on the hair as well. It makes hair color fade and eat away at your hair cuticles and natural hair’s pigment, as explained in this study. You can protect your hair from the sun by wearing a hat or a scarf over your hair.

Avoid Products With Harsh Chemicals

Harsh chemicals like sulfates and phthalates are extremely drying. This, in turn causes dull and fragile hair. Scrutinize every product you buy for your hair and make sure they don’t contain any of these unwanted chemicals. Jaci’s shampoos and conditioners are all natural based and, thus, will not strip your hair of its moisture and shine.

Tone Your Hair

You may have heard of hair toners for blondes, but what you may not know is that all hair colors could use some toning. Hair toners enhance the color of your hair by removing unflattering, brassy tones. This allows your natural or bottled hair color to be more vibrant.

Jaci offers a Toning Shampoo which deposits pigment to neutralize brassiness. This shampoo is best paired with the Toning Conditioner. This toning conditioner serves multiple purposes—keeping and sealing in moisture, fighting frizz, and adding shine, while it neutralizes brassy tones. This is the best toning conditioner you will find in the market yet. The result is a more vibrant and shinier version of your hair.