Try The Curly Girl Method With Jaci

Have you heard of The Curly Girl Method? It is the latest haircare routine for natural curly hair. Read on to learn how you can do The Curly Girl Method with Jaci’s Curly Shampoo and Conditioner.

What Is The Curly Girl Method?

The Curly Girl Method was invented by Lorraine Massey specifically for taking care of natural curly hair. This method emphasizes a simple, clean approach to haircare. A lot of women with natural curly hair deemed this method the best haircare routine.

If you are used to a complex haircare routine for your natural curls, The Curly Girl Method may be uncomfortable at first. But judging from the many women who swear by it, it’s worth giving a try!

The Curly Girl Method

Before we get to the step-by-step guide, let us talk about what you need for The Curly Girl Method.

A Gentle, sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfate is a strong cleaning agent that also strips the hair of its natural oils. For curly hair, that tends to be dry, sulfate is extremely drying. The Curly Shampoo is sulfate-free and is made with naturally based ingredients so it will gently clean your hair without drying it out.

An Effective Conditioner. A good natural conditioner for curly hair is the Curly Conditioner which hydrates and infuses the hair with nutrients to keep it healthy.

Your Hands. According to The Curly Girl Method, your fingers are the best tools for natural hair. It is more intuitive in handling tangles, and so is gentler than any other tool out there.

Steps To The Curly Girl Method

Step 1: Wash Your Hair With Curly Shampoo

Apply shampoo only on your scalp. Massage onto scalp in circular motions for at least 1 minute. Rinse thoroughly.

Step 2: Condition Your Hair

Apply Curly Conditioner onto the hair shafts. Make sure the hair is fully saturated. Gently detangle your hair with your fingers. Rinse out most (not all) of the conditioner. Leaving a little conditioner in your hair helps lock in moisture for a longer period.

Step 3: Style Your Wet Hair

Before you dry your hair, start styling it first. Use the usual products you style your hair with, but opt for low manipulation hairstyles.

Step 4: Dry Your Hair

Gently scrunch or cup the water from your hair with a cotton T-shirt or a microfiber towel. Then, if you have time, allow it to air dry. If not, use a diffuser on low heat.