Top Tips To Make Thin Hair Look Thick

Fun Fact

During a normal hair growth cycle, you may lose as many as 100- 150 strands of hair each day! Life can be full of challenges and frustrations, but the stress caused by hair loss should not be one of them!  Unfortunately, the thickness (or lack thereof) of your hair is mostly due to genetics. The individual width of each strand is not something you can change, but there are plenty of steps you can take to improve the overall health and appearance of your hair to achieve the big, voluminous sexy look you desire!

Shampooing and Conditioning Tips

There are conflicting opinions on how often to wash your hair. This is quite dependent on your individual hair texture, activity level and amount of styling products you use. But if your goal is to increase the volume, there are many effective volumizing shampoos and conditioners on the market to give your hair the boost it needs. These specially formulated shampoos will gently cleanse without stripping, and the conditioners are created to provide lightweight moisture without weighing down your locks.

Avoid conditioners that refer to “sleek”, “hydrating” and/or “smoothing” benefits as they most likely contain an overabundance of oils or butters. If you need to condition on a regular basis, focus applying it to your ends to help protect and repair follicles with the added benefit of detangling.

Avoid using very hot water, as this can dry out your hair and leave it limp.

In between washes- use a dry shampoo, sprayed at the roots to eliminate excess oil and give your hair a light and fluffy feel.

Styling Tips

Your haircut can also be a critical in contributing factor to creating a voluminous appearance.  Be sure to consult with a professional hair stylist and share your hair goals. Your stylist will most likely recommend a cut with layers to increase texture. As with all hairstyles- maintenance is important so regular trims are a must!

When styling your hair at home, use a wide tooth comb whenever possible and avoid over brushing. Too much brushing can over stimulate oils from the scalp which will create a greasy appearance and weigh hair down.

Changing your part- Just moving your part can turn your hair strands in a way to give an extra boost and lift.

Teasing your hair- Backcombing from the roots is another styling technique that can amp up your results and help boost stubborn limp flat zones.

Blow drying- Blow drying can be an effective styling technique. Especially if you blow dry, upside down and focus on the roots with a wide round brush. Make sure to use a diffuser attachment to lift and separate strands as you style.

Minimizing products- Use one hair styling product at a time to reduce your hair being weighed down. Thickening sprays are recommended for fine, limp hair and can help provide lasting lift for a high-volume effect. But be careful about applying too much of any one product.

Overall Health

Healthy bodies generate healthy hair! Eating a balanced diet, with all the necessary vitamins and minerals, getting enough sleep and exercising regular  will contribute to healthy, strong shiny locks.