Take Care of Your Blonde Hair With These 6 Tips

It has been said that blondes have more fun but taking care of blonde hair can be a chore and certainly not ALL fun. Blonde hair—whether natural or chemically enhanced—requires high maintenance and care. Without proper treatment, blonde hair can appear brassy, dull, dry and frizzy.

Purple Is Your Friend

Exposure to the sun, pollution, as well as chlorine can turn your beautiful blonde hair brassy. You may have noticed your hair turning orangey-yellow, too gold or even have a greenish hue. You can combat these unwanted effects by neutralizing the warm hues with Jaci’s Toning Shampoo and Conditioner. The Toning Shampoo works well for all blondes- natural or color treated. The violet hued mineral pigment neutralizes brassiness for all blonde shades to help you achieve and maintain your desired hue. Plus, it’s all-natural and extremely hydrating.

Condition Your Hair

For chemically enhanced blondes, your hair is most likely dry from the negative harsh effects of bleaching and color treatment. The effects can mean having to deal with rough, frizzy hair. You can regain your hair’s natural shine and health while maintaining the right shade of blonde with Jaci’s Toning Conditioner.

Minimal Washing

Excessive washing is not healthy for any hair type as the process and chosen products can strip the hair of its natural oils and protective barriers. If you have color-treated blonde hair, it is imperative that you choose products specifically formulated for color treated hair and minimize your washing schedule otherwise it will make the hair color fade faster.

Deep Condition

Hydration is important especially for chemically treated or enhanced blondes. Lightening hair involves a plethora of harsh chemicals that can leave the hair vulnerable. Minimizing dry and brittle effects on your hair by keeping it hydrated should be your top priority.

Avoid Chlorine

Chlorine perhaps has the most devastating effect on blonde hair—it can cause blonde hair to take on a greenish cast.  It may also damage the hair shaft over time, create a dull look and be prone to breakage and dandruff. If you are a frequent swimmer, consider applying a conditioner to your hair and wearing a swim cap for further protection.

Lighten Your Hair Slowly

Brunettes who want to turn blonde often suffer extreme hair damage because a colorist may lighten the hair in one go. You can minimize the damage by being patient and lightening the hair slowly through multiple coloring sessions. Slowly lightening the hair allows it to maintain its integrity. Having soft, silky, and vibrant blonde hair starts at the beginning—by making sure you maintain the health of your hair while you color treat it.