Split Ends: What Causes Them and How To Treat Them

Split ends are a common sign of hair distress and are fairly easy to spot if you have this kind of damage. The ends of your hair split in the middle or frayed and are a sign that your hair is too dry and brittle. Treating split ends is not easy, and may take time, but it is possible to do with Jaci’s Reparative Shampoo and Conditioner.

What Causes Split Ends?

Split ends mostly affect the ends of your hair. These are the oldest part of your hair, and therefore has sustained the most damage. Heat styling, extreme weather conditions, use of chemical hair products, all can eventually lead to split ends. When left untreated, split ends can lead to brittle hair and experience unwanted breakage.

How To Treat Split Ends

Once your hair has frayed at the ends, there is really no other way to fix it other than to cut the frayed part off. However, you can use the best hair care products on the market to help seal and smooth the hair shaft. This will not only help temporarily hide the damage but can prevent them from increasing or recurring.

Hiding Your Split Ends

Hair experts advise adding shine to your hair to minimize dullness and temporarily hide split ends. Apply a hair serum to the frayed parts to help seal ends appear moisturized and shiny. This will not necessarily repair the split ends long term, but it can make them appear to “disappear” for a while. Another way to hide split ends is to put your hair in a bun or braid, or any other hairstyle that hides the ends of your hair and can protect it from the environmental elements. However, it is not recommended to do the same styling technique daily as this can cause further damage to the rest of your hair.

Long-term Treatment For Split Ends

Dry hair is the primary cause of split ends, so the best way to treat and prevent them is by keeping your hair healthy and hydrated.

Repair your hair with Reparative Shampoo from Jaci. This is one of the best hair care products on the market for treating split ends because it is specifically formulated with botanically based ingredients… no more additional exposure to harsh chemicals. Jaci’s Reparative Shampoo replenishes much needed vitamins, minerals, and amino acids lacking in dry hair. Partner the shampoo with the complementary Reparative Conditioner ensures are sealing in these important nutrients into your hair follicles. These two products work together to repair dry damaged hair from the inside, and the bonus is the added moisture increases hair shine.

Of course, even the best hair care products on the market will not work if damaging activities continue. Minimizing chemical treatments and heat styling will be beneficial as you work to heal your hair with the Reparative Shampoo and Conditioner.