How To Make Hair Grow Longer, Faster

Hair grows about half an inch every month and less if you have damaged hair. This is sort of good news if you want to keep your hair short; frustrating if you want to grow your hair. You will need the best hair care products and proper care techniques to get longer hair faster.

Tips To Make Hair Grow Longer

Use Safe Hair Care Products

Products that contain harsh chemicals like sulfates will dry out your hair and make it rough and brittle. These are not conducive to growing your hair because your hair will end up breaking at the shafts or looking dull. The best hair care for growing out hair are those without harsh chemicals that will make hair strong and lustrous.

Jaci’s shampoos and conditioners are free from harsh chemicals. Jaci focuses on providing botanically based hair care products for all types of hair. Jaci offers four types of shampoos and conditioners each tackling a specific hair type or hair issue. If you have normal hair, the Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner will help your hair grow out healthy.

Don’t Wash Everyday

Regularly washing your hair will make your hair dry and prone to breakage. Not to mention, it will make your hair oilier because the scalp produces more sebum when you wash it every day. A healthier practice is to wash your hair as infrequently as possible, and to follow up with a conditioner each time.

When you shampoo, shampoo only the scalp area and the roots. Then, apply conditioner only on your hair shafts.

Get Regular Trims

This sounds counterproductive, but it is quite the opposite. Regular trims help promote hair growth. Trimming your hair removes damaged ends, which will eventually break farther up. Not only will this make your hair brittle and thinner, but it will also keep your hair from growing longer.

Get a trim every 10 to 12 weeks, and ask your stylist to cut just an eighth of an inch.

Eat For Longer Hair

You can use the best hair care products for your hair, but they won’t be as effective if you don’t supplement them from the inside. To achieve long, healthy hair, eat a healthy balanced diet, with particular focus on food that keep hair strong and healthy. The best food for healthy hair are fish, eggs, nuts, almonds, whole grains, spinach, berries, avocado, broccoli, chicken, and legumes.

With a combination of the best hair care products from Jaci, proper hair care techniques, and a balanced diet, you will achieve your hair length goals in no time.