How to Achieve Gorgeous Natural Hair Like Amandla Stenberg

Amandla Stenberg has our jaws dropping each time she shows off her natural curls. She has worn her hair in a plethora of creative ways…. buzzcut, braids, and buns, but our favorite is when she lets her natural hair out in all its curly glory.

It takes a long time to achieve such length for a look like this. Naturally coarse hair does not require frequent washing like other hair types, but it does require special methods to keep the hair healthy, shiny and bouncy. The good news is you don’t need to look for high-end hair products to achieve the same look. Jaci’s hair products for curly hair are affordable but lush and highly moisturizing.

Curly Hair Care

What is the secret to bouncy, well-defined ringlets like Amandla Stenberg? The secret is hydration. If you want to achieve a healthy strong length, your entire hair regimen should be oriented toward maintaining maximum hydration.

Washing your hair daily is one of the worst things you can do to curly hair. You only need to wash your hair weekly or even every two weeks so as not to strip it off its natural oils.

Jaci’s Curly Shampoo and Curly Conditioner are your best bet at keeping your curls moisturized. This curly hair shampoo and conditioner is designed to remove impurities, prevent frizz, and keep moisturize sealed in for days. The curly conditioner, specifically formulated for coarse textured hair is made with a combo of sunflower extract, coconut oil, salvia, aloe vera, and green tea. These botanically based ingredients not only add moisture to the hair, but also seals the hair cuticles that serve to keep moisture in and keep pollution and other aggressors out.

More importantly, the Curly Shampoo and Conditioner do not contain sulfates, parabens, or phthalates. These ingredients are notorious for causing dryness and breakage on natural curly hair.

Another proven way to add moisture to your curly hair in between washes is by using oils on your hair. Coconut, avocado, olive, and jojoba oil all work great on naturally coarse hair. The oils work well to complement the Curly shampoo and conditioner as they seal in the existing moisture in the hair. Applying oils to hair can keeps it hydrated for a longer period. Not to mention, they smell great!

Protecting Curly Hair

If long luxurious locks are your hair goals, then hair protection should be your main focus as it is key to growth…. Consider protective hair styling!  There are many awesome protective hairstyles you can do. Braiding or twisting your hair into bantu knots to protect it from environmental aggressors while it grows can be extremely beneficial.