Do You Have Healthy Hair? Here’s How To Tell If You Do

Hair care products for women always claim to promote healthy hair. You surely want healthy hair. But do you know what healthy hair is truly like? Here are the signs that you have healthy hair.

Tell-tale Signs You Have Healthy Hair

Your Strands Have Smooth Texture

Dry, damaged hair is stiff and rough; whereas healthy, moisturized hair is smooth and soft to the touch. If your strands are smooth and have no split ends, it means your hair is healthy.

Your Hair Is Unaffected By Humidity

How does your hair act on humid days? If you get frizzy hair, that means you have damaged hair. Healthy hair, regardless of your hair type, will remain the same even on the most humid days because the hair cuticles do not easily open up to absorb moisture.

You Have Shiny Hair

If your hair remains shiny even without the help of hair care products for women like leave-on conditioners or hair oils, that means it is naturally moisturized. This is a great sign that your hair cuticles are lying flat, creating a smooth texture where light can reflect.

Your Hair Has Elasticity

Hair elasticity is its ability to snap back to its natural state after being stretched out. In other words: your hair should not break easily when you brush or style it and it should be relatively easy to curl or style your hair. Damaged hair has low elasticity, which is why it is hard to manage and breaks easily.

Your Hair Has Bounce And Movement

Regardless of your hair type, your hair should have bounce and movement. Healthy hair has movement because it is more lightweight, unlike damaged hair which tends to be heavy and limp.

Strands Repel Water

Place a handful of hair into a bowl of water and see what happens. Healthy hair cuticles lie flat on the surface so they repel water, while damaged hair cuticles allow water in. If the strands float, that means they are healthy; but if they sink to the bottom that means they are damaged.

Achieving Healthy Hair

Now that you know that healthy hair is more than the absence of common hair problems, you know what to aim for. Jaci’s Shampoos and Conditioners are the best hair care products for women who want healthier hair. Each of the four collections are formulated for different hair types so your hair gets exactly what it needs. With healthy hair, you inevitably have vibrant, soft, and manageable hair.