Common Hair Problems: Do You Have Any of Them?

Our hair is our crowning glory, yet most people don’t seem to know much about their individual hair type or how to take care of it. Many of us spend hours styling our hair every day not fully comprehending the damage we are causing. Do you have a hunch you fall into this category? Fear not! There is no need to panic…. There are solutions and remedies to even the most disastrous situations… Read on!

Dry, Fragile Hair

Many women have dry, fragile hair. This can be caused by daily shampooing, excessive use of heat styling tools, or simple exposure to the environment. All these factors strip the hair of moisture, which leads to fragile hair, and a plethora of other problems. Proper moisturizing is key to healthy happy hair. Aside from protecting your hair from damage, restoring moisture is important to future growth and beauty. Jaci Hydration Shampoo and Hydration Conditioner are the ultimate moisturizing solutions to combat even the most extreme cases of hair dryness.

Split Ends

Frequent styling and color treatments damage the protective layer of the hair, causing it to peel back and result in split ends. Split ends are not only visually unpleasant, but can be quite difficult to treat and heal. The most common advice is to cut hair frequently to cut off the damaged parts of the hair. However, the use of  Jaci Reparative Shampoo and Reparative Conditioner is a perfect step to restoring your hairs former glory!

Thinning Hair

Did you know that the average woman naturally loses about 100 strands of hair daily?  But if you are losing more than that, or noticed your hair looking thinner and flat, there might be an underlying problem. One of the possible reasons for hair thinning is dry, brittle strands that break easily. Jaci Volumize Shampoo and Volumize Conditioner can be the perfect solution! Volumizing products can be successful in treating the appearance of thin hair as they will not weigh your hair down.


People with curly hair often complain of frizz, but frizz effect can happen to people with straight hair, too. Frizzy hair may be hereditary, but it can also be caused by extremely parched hair. In any case, frizzy hair can be made more manageable through frequent hydration. For curly hair, the Curly Shampoo and Curly Conditioner will not only moisturize, but also enhance and define the curls. For frizzy, yet straight hair- try the Jaci Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner!

Greasy Hair

When it is dry, the scalp tends to produce excess oil, which instead of hydrating the scalp, results in greasy hair. If your hair gets greasy easily, you may be aggravating the dryness by washing your hair daily. Instead, opt for the Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner to keep your scalp and hair moisturized.