6 Tips For Taking Care Of Red Hair

So, you finally dyed your hair red. Whatever shade of red you have right now—warm or cool—making that color last and keeping it vibrant will be a challenge. You will be surprised that the tips for prolonging red hair color involves something as simple as using a purple toning conditioner.

How To Prolong Red Hair Color

Wait 3 Days Before The First Shampoo

For red hair color, wait three days after application before shampooing your hair. This gives your hair ample time to absorb the pigments so they don’t slip out easily.

Use Color-safe Shampoo And Conditioner

Most harsh chemicals that are not advised for natural hair are also not advised for colored hair. Sulfates strip away the moisture in your hair, making it rough and brittle. Hair color easily slips out of damaged hair. So, opt for color-friendly products, such as the shampoos and conditioners from Jaci. The purple toning conditioner is the best option to help your red hair color last. But if you have other hair issues, all other products from Jaci are color-safe and will help keep your red hair looking great.

Use Purple Toning Conditioner To Neutralize Brass

Another reason the Toning Shampoo and Conditioner are recommended for colored hair is because they help neutralize brassy tones. Brassy tones make hair appear dull and orange-y. A purple toning conditioner will neutralize yellow and orange tones so your hair stays the same tone weeks after your last salon visit.

Shampoo Less Frequently

Even when you use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner, it is best to shampoo your hair every two days or every other day if you have super oily hair. This will keep your hair color from fading quickly.

Stay Away From The Sun

The sun’s rays are harsh on hair, colored or otherwise. The sun makes the pigment on your hair fade faster. If possible, avoid sun exposure. If unavoidable, protect your hair with a serum and a hat or scarf. You could also counter the damage by using the purple toning conditioner after sun exposure.

Minimize Heat Styling Tools

Like the sun, heat from your favorite styling tools and hot water in the shower cause red hair color to fade quicker. You may protect your hair with a color-safe heat protectant when using a heat styling tool. As for the water, keep the temperature lukewarm at most. Then, use a cold water for the final rinse to close up the hair’s cuticles.